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Precision Process

A successful website isn't found through a lottery ticket. The process to building a successful online business, or expanding an existing business to the web, involves planning, execution, and persistence. Creative I Biz Avenue can help you ensure the success of your next web project by:

◦Critically consulting with you on your ideas and plans
◦Establishing realistic expectations, achievable milestones, and clear goals from the get-go
◦Sticking to our budget proposals and deadline requirements
◦Taking a vested interest in your success

If you want a custom website design that absolutely rocks, get in touch with us. We cover everything - from the psychology and science behind your design to the strategy and metrics of your marketing campaign. We go from A to Z to insure your custom website design becomes a good investment. Now for the process ..

Project Planning & Strategy
After the introductions are over; we hit the ground running discovering your project's goals, target audience, competition, potential hang-ups, content, site map, feature list, and required technologies.

This information creates a framework of reference for the remainder of your project's development. Throughout each remaining stage we reference previous, current and future work against our findings here. This provides confidence throughout the development process for everyone involved.

Information Architecture
Your content is structured by Information Architects allowing the target audience to easily flow through your site. The result of this step is a bare-bones, structural view of how your information will sit on each "unique" page. Revisions are offered.

Design / Graphical User Interface Development
Your structured content is polished for the user with typography, images, illustrations, icons & color schemes. This treatment is applied to the main landing page, and each "unique" sub-page to give you a concept of look and feel. Revisions are offered.

Business Rules & Logic
Everything developed up to this point is reference checked against your specific goals from the project planning stage. If any adjustments are required, they are made now before heading on to the programming and development stage.

Programming & Development
Content, design and functionality have been approved; time to code! User interfaces are produced with standard's based, CSS & XHTML. Display is checked in all major browsers and platforms to ensure pixel perfect rendering. Features and functionality are produced using any # of languages such as: PHP, ASP, Ruby and/or Rails. Hosting environments are created and a preliminary but functioning version of your site is deployed.

Testing / QA
Testing and Quality Assessment goes on throughout the entire process to varying degrees. Prior to launch, we make great attempts to break your site by testing every link, feature, and environment contained within. We encourage you to do so by sharing the site with your peers and friends. In the end we make sure all is well as varying stages of deployment are attained.

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